Heavy Breathers

Heavy Breathers – Breathin’ Heavy ’til You Die

Heavy Breathers is a unit of three guitars and a drummer, working a hypnotic, desert rock scented brand of rock and roll boogie. The genesis of the band is a mysterious combination of worshipping various physical objects, overindulgence in non-hard inebriants, verbal abuse, extreme disregard of speed limits and great disinterest in heroics.

The operative environment of the band is framed by the perceptional experience manifested in a state where and when intoxication and fatigue break the boundaries of musical dexterity. When musical abilities disappear, music itself returns to its most primitive source where the hearts of the musicians pump more oxygen into their veins, but the body resists any new glimmer of hope and slowly stiffens and begins to give up.

Heavy Breathers is like a nomad, slowly making his way onto the top of the nearest hill, slightly rocking from exhaustion, tapping his knees with his hands repeatedly on his way, breathless, while dripping sweat onto the ground; finally giving up, halfway, before an impending rupture of the aorta, returning back to where he was coming from, signaling the turn with a wave of his hand.

In writing their songs, the band uses and abuses the same familiar methods that the members have utilized successfully in their previous and current bands. The music is riddled with melodic references, verbal winks and downright rhythmic and productional thefts from past decades. Raiding the graves of popular music, that is the group’s forte.

The members’ musical histories include such even internationally noticed bands as Boomhauer, Circle, Sweatmaster, Obfuscation, Disgrace, Sceptical Schizo, Pää Kii! and Black Magic Six, to mention a few.

Heavy Breathers’ debut 3-song 7” Conquistador will be released in early August 2019 by a new label specializing in exclusive vinyl, Axis of Evil Records. To celebrate the release, the band will tour their native Finland during the autumn and in Central Europe in late October/early November.
Sat 02.11.2019   Karlsruhe
Alte Hackerei
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